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Custom Night

Custom Night in Five Nights at Freddy’s game is a kind of special night that you can only join after finishing six former nights. The custom night is also considered as the seventh night giving you a possibility to switch the toughness of A.I of animatronics. All of them can be customized by choosing the level based on numbers, from 0 to 20. Just make sure that you already finish the previous nights then you will be able to start the Custom Night, and that’s when you receive a pink termination slip.


Changing the A.I of all animatronics is the first thing you have to do when playing this custom night. However, Golden Freddy is the only animatronic that you can’t change his difficulty. You can choose numbers from 0 to 20 to set the difficulty of all animatronics. These enemies will get harder if you choose higher numbers.


All animatronics will have their own way in moving, acting and attacking, and it’s totally up to the tough level you have chosen.

Level 0

The animatronics will completely go away if you set their levels to be 0. Bonnie and Chica will move from the Show Stage, Freddy Fazbear doesn’t move, and you won’t see Foxy in Pirate Cove.

Nevertheless, Freddy will turn up when the power is cut no matter what! The only way for you to survive is to finish the night before the clock reaches 6AM and Freddy’s tune is over.

Freddy Fazbear

Freddy will not do anything during these nights even if you set him to be very hard or very easy. He just stays still and is kind of inactive at the first two levels. You can’t die from him! But vice versa, he will start to do some stuff on level 3 to 6, then you will get teased by him sometimes. Just stay watchful for him!

On level 7 to 20, Freddy will make some moves and he can get active a little bit more at level 13 to 20. If you leave him unattended, he may jumpscare you. You should try to close the right door when the Monitor is pulled up or watch the camera and take a look at the East Hall Corner. If you want to check other cameras, you need to close the right door.

Freddy will be the most dangerous animatronic that you have to cope with when the power is cut. He can turn up and jumpscare you anytime!

Bonnie and Chica

Even of Bonnie and Chica own the similar actions, Bonnie is still much more aggressive than Chica, except level 20. On the first two nights, they will just do the same things as night 2. When you reach level 3 and later, they will be more active.

You must pay attention to them when you play level 7 to 12 because they will turn up a lot. Your doors and lights can be disabled by them on level 13 to 20.

At level 20, if you catch sight of them at a certain blind location, you should shut the door for a few of seconds before they get a chance to sneak into and make your lights and doors stop working.


The number of appearances of Foxy and his jumpscare will be decided by you, and it’s based on the difficulty level you set. Foxy will get aggressive on the first two levels, which is the same as the first two nights.

Don’t try to check the Pirate Cove much when you’re on level 3 to 6! Because Foxy is way too active and hostile. He will appear more on level 7 to 1, and he will attack more usually, and he keeps doing so until level 20. On level 20, Foxy can show up in Pirate Cove right away after attacking.

Finishing the Custom Night

Custom Night

A “Notice of Termination” will be given to you after you’re done conquering the custom night. The note claims that you were fired because of hindering the animatronics, like changing their difficulties.

Specific Input Codes

There are several codes that you can utilize:


The animatronics won’t be immobilized even if you set their difficulty to be zero. However, playing this mode will give you an opportunity to find several hidden Easter Eggs. Even if you may be caught off guard by Bonnie and Chica occasionally, it’s still very infrequent.

Golden Freddy can be triggered easily. Like always, Freddy will turn up when you don’t have power left, but if you can stay alive if you complete your night before he appears. Keep an eye on Foxy because he may attack you anytime.


Some players call this mode “4/20” or “Nightmare Mode” because it’s way too difficult! You won’t be able to handle all the attacks of animatronics because of their hostility. Probably you can’t get through this and end up being killed.

But if you survive, the main menu will display the third and final star instantly.


Follow one of two strategies below so that you can finish 4/20 mode:

  1. Be sure to keep the right door closed when the Monitor is pulled up so that you can hinder Freddy.
  2. Go look over the Pirate Cove when the Monitor is open. Doing so will help you defeat Foxy. Don’t provoke him, and try to keep the left door closed before you watch over the West Hall.
  3. Close the Monitor and utilize the right door, then look over the Hall Lights to stay alert to Bonnie and Chica. If you see one of them at the door, make sure you close it faster and wait a few seconds until they walk away.
  4. Do it again.

(The strategy should be utilized only when you hear the jingle of Freddy)

  1. Try to stay watchful for Freddy by looking over the East Hall Corner, and make sure you use the Monitor wisely.
  2. Watch over the Hall Lights carefully and use the Monitor. When Bonnie or Chica is at the door, then close it instantly.
  3. Use the monitor and keep an eye on the East Hall Corner. Freddy may turn up, so stay watchful for him. Also, you should check on Foxy in Pirate Cove. Don’t get him provoked, try to close the left door before looking over the West Hall.
  4. Close the Monitor and use this strategy again.

(If you use this strategy, Freddy won’t be required to perform his jingle, but this is kind of way risky and perilous)


Custom Night

Golden Freddy’s kill screen.

You can’t join Custom Night in version 1.13. The Golden Freddy will be provoked instantly if you enter this code. Scott Cawthon attached this code to the game to prevent all the rumors of a replacement ending if entering the code in the settings.


Looking over the Pirate Cove and watching over some zones on the cameras can be a good way to finish this 4/20 mode. You should stay watchful for Bonnie and Chica at both doors, check the Pirate Cove for Foxy and do that over and over again. Try to close the left door when you don’t see Foxy there. If he hit your door, just let him! When he leave, you can open the door again. Shut both doors if Bonnie and Chica are there.

Don’t forget to look over the East Hall Corner because this is also a way that helps you beat this mode. Check on Foxy in Pirate Cove, as long as you are using the monitor, he will just stay there and won’t move. After that, you need to watch over the East Hall Corner before pulling down the Monitor and checking the hall lights.

  • Blend all the strategies if you want! Be sure to check the East Hall and Pirate Cove properly. Stay alert to Bonnie and Chica at both doors. Instantly shut them if you see one of them there.
  • In addition, you are supposed to save the power by closing the right door and monitoring the camera later. If the door is stopped working, Freddy won’t be able to come inside. Try to do so and you can totally save 2-3% of your power.
  • Don’t use the Monitor too much, use the lights wisely and close the doors when your power is only 5-4% left. Don’t let Foxy and Freddy jumpscare you.
  • Finally, you need to check only the Pirate Cove to be aware of Foxy. But be careful! Regardless of how hard is he, is will be able to jumpscare you.


Don’t set the difficulty of all animatronics to be 20 if you want to receive the third star when you win the custom night.

The Kitchen camera would work if entering 0/6/6/6 or 6/6/6/6. This was so wrong since the kitchen didn’t consist of any image files.

Another rumor stated that an Easter Egg for FNaF would be found if using 2/0/1/5. This was kind of wrong too!

When you unlock the Custom Night, the default of settings will be 1/3/3/1 and probably it won’t adhere to the settings of other previous nights.

Mike will be fired even though you don’t alter the settings

4/20 mode didn’t have any special ending due to the impossibility of finishing this mode. But this was wrong!

There is an image of Foxy in the A.I customization but he looks so damaged. Probably this image was taken when he got closed down.

If you set the A.I level of Foxy to be 20 while other animatronics are set to be 0, Foxy will hit the left door that you keep closing, and he will do so in 3 minutes and 5 seconds for consuming your power.

If the A.I level of Freddy is 20, while the levels of Bonnie and Chica are 20, Freddy will stay still and let Bonnie and Chica move first, after that he will start moving.

There are 5984 A.I level combinations, and you are able to play 5984 combinations

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