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Five Nights at McDonalds

Five Nights at McDonalds is a creepy Five Nights at Freddy’s game not created by Scott Cawthon. Currently, it is in pre-Alpha or in development. Your story is started on May 15, 1940, and set in McDonalds. This was a fun fast food restaurant for kids. Even, they owned their mascot and other friends like Ronald McDonald, Grimice, Birdie The Early Bird and The Hamburglar. People who played characters were forced to wear their costumes all day and all night so as to keep them at this place forever. If they took out or harm anyone and get out of these at day time, they would die. However, they didn’t want to survive. They also didn’t say anything. And, they got hungry at night time. In this Fnaf game, you are hired as a night-shift watchman. With the help of cameras, you can keep track every room. Don’t forget to close the doors and control lights! Be careful! You will be attacked if you let any stranger enter your office! Try to defend yourself until the last moment!

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