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Super FNaF RPG

Super FNaF RPG

If you are a big fan of FNaF games, be sure to grab a chance then join Super FNaF RPG for more challenges and amazing missions. This game is created by a fan and it’s currently downloadable for free now. This is kind of a new release which is known as a new version of Super FNaF RPG. You are supposed to obtain Ending 2 and reach your World 16. Also, the game brings you another chance to meet all awesome animatronics, they are so popular and you must have seen them before in many other Five Nights at Freddy’s games. This fan creation introduces a new character to you, he is called Puppet Master and now trying to call a lot of other animatronics to join them so that they can go destroy the world. Now, let’s check out some features below here:


Try to search for more friends and persuade them to engage in your party. Make a good use of their skills to kill the foes

Upgrade and improve your skills over time and you can purchase more attacks to make you stronger. You can unlock and purchase stuff from the shop using your own tokens. Provide your animatronics with new items.

Unlock and explore new story

Continue traveling and increase the level of your characters


Try to finish the following things to get the endings:

Complete the Easy Mode

Conquer the Normal Mode

Finish the Secret Worlds


Super FNaF RPG

File Size: 82.6 MB – Version: 2.0.0


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