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Ultimate Custom Night Download

Ultimate Custom Night is a horror adventure game launched on 27th June 2018 by Scott Cawthon via Steam and Game Jolt platforms. What makes this new Scott game different from other chapters is that players can download it for free. The game promises to bring another terrifying adventure to you and lets you encounter all animatronics coming from Five Nights at Freddy’s series. If you are a big fan of FNAF games, just feel free to add this one to your list!

Gameplay of Ultimate Custom Night

Ultimate Custom Night Download

As you know, the custom night is just an additional night enabling players to customize animatronic characters following their way. This time, you will earn yourself an ultimate experience when facing off against up to 50 selectable characters that are from the former installments in FNAF series. In Ultimate Custom Night, you are allowed to freely customize the animatronics, and choose their difficulty level from 0 to 20. When everything is done, you can embark on this creepy adventure to face off against your chosen animatronics.

Like other former chapters, this new installment puts you in a strange room armed with two side doors, two vents, and two air hoses. They are all spots leading into the room directly. You have to protect them all the time to make sure there are no animatronic characters intruding, or else they will succeed in entering your room to jumpscare you. Besides those spots, you must keep an eye on both Pirate Cove curtains as well. These enemies can be fended off using some awesome equipment, like a power generator, the heater, A/C, a global music box and more. You should use them wisely to keep yourself alive from the attacks of animatronics.

Ultimate Custom Night Download

To defeat the animatronics more easily, you are recommended to generate some dangerous laser traps and place them in the vents. This will help you stop the enemies from entering the room without using too many tools mentioned above. When the night comes to its conclusion, you will know how many points you earned, and it’s totally based on the number of animatronics you encountered as well as their difficulty level you already set. With a good number of points, you can totally unlock awesome cutscenes. The game also allows you to buy wonderful items from the prize counter using your earned coins.


You can experience several amazing features in Ultimate Custom Night:

  • Feel free to unlock many office skins and cutscenes by spending your earned points.
  • Experience wonderful voice acting from returning favorites to franchise or new arrivals.
  • There are up to 16 themed challenges with interesting missions to beat.

Patch notes

If you want to stick with Ultimate Custom Night, you should frequent update the game to new versions for a glitch-free experience. Scott Cawthon is trying to upgrade some new versions due to some bugs found in the game, like Springtrap and Mangle. The players have experienced some problems with these animatronics. But in the new versions, they will be completely fixed.

Don’t forget to explore a low-detail mode in the patch. This mode is designed to help with FPS in the game. You just simply unclick the “visual effects” button shown on the character select screen.

Ultimate Custom Night brings you a new horror adventure in which all animatronics are customized and still want to jumpscare you. Download this new

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