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Are you ready to set your footsteps in a new world of animatronics? Say hi to FNaF World online created by a fan and try to vanquish a lot of challenges. You can play it online for free now and take this chance to experience new features, nice graphics, new missions, savage battles and much more. Before playing, you have to make your own party by choosing some animatronics that you prefer, then group them together and employ them in the battle against merciless enemies. You should try to utilize their skills wisely so that they can take down the foes and bring victory to you. Make sure you plan out your strategies as well so that you can defeat all of them easily. When you win, you will be awarded a lot of tokens. FNaF World online also gives you a chance to discover the whole new world of Freddy and his friends. Come play it now and have some fun!

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Instructions: Select the animatronics, create your party and control the game using the mouse only.

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